Coming from a family of healers it always felt natural for Dina to share her gift by helping others. She was taught that everything that is alive is connected and must be honoured.

Dina has a Holistic approach to life and believes that every person is a unique individual and should be approached as such. The whole individual should be treated on all levels, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually to find true balance.

Dina started on her path of growth and discovery over 20 years ago. Graduating as a Reiki Master, 2 years later completing her Yoga certification, and is a fully certified Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Yoga completely changed her life, healing her physically and mentally, which awakened her desire and gave her the tools needed to help others along their own path.

Completing her teacher training under the guidance of her guru’s, she gained the immense knowledge of the path of yoga and the power of the breath. She has taken what she has learnt and transformed it into her own practice which she calls, Holistic Fitness.

Dina believes if you can master your breath, you can gain control of your life.

Connecting the Breath & the Physical body, while engaging with natures elements awakens our senses, relieves stress, heals, and strengthens the body, improving overall health.